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1st in Industry to Offer Hyperbaric Chamber Color Options
Sechrist customers have enjoyed the clinical benefits from its leading edge hyperbaric chambers for over 30 years, including the industry gold standard Model 3200, and newer enhanced Models 3300E and 3600E which feature electronic controls and the new H Model hyperbaric chamber series that promote more efficient control, greater patient safety, and additional comfort during treatment. Now, for the first time, hyperbaric chamber customers can select Sechrist’s state of the art chambers in one of six signature colors – Diamond White, Sahara Beige, Platinum, Crystal Green, Jade Green and Sechrist Blue. Clinical excellence and compassionate care go hand-in-hand, and having color choices will allow you to provide a visually appealing and attractive environment for your patients and their families.
Unsurpassed Quality and Design using Self Manufacturing
Sechrist is uniquely positioned to offer color options due to the self-manufacturing of all critical components of its chambers, which includes custom painting. All manufacturing operations are vertically integrated. The unsurpassed quality the industry has grown accustomed continues because Sechrist designs, machines, paints and builds all its chambers on-site in one facility. On-site production, under rigid industry requirements, allows Sechrist to control all aspects of product manufacturing – labor, engineering, risk, and research & development.
Sechrist Blue
Sahara Beige
Jade Green
Crystal Green