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The Sechrist 3300H, 3600H, and the largest 4100H are the newest hybrid pneumatic hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The new model H chamber integrates all the best features of all past chamber models. Not only does the H chamber include the revolutionary oxygen conservation system,  it also includes the reliability of the pneumatic control system and a unique shut off safety system which allows two emergency shut-off modes. With chambers in over 100 countries and the highest quality and reliability of any hyperbaric chamber on the market, the 3300H, 3600H, and 4100H will be the top clinical choice in the international market.

The 2800 hyperbaric chambers includes full pneumatic operation and a standard intercom for private communications, flexible location of control panels for left or right hospital settings, redundant protection, and excellent chamber maneuverability.

The Sechrist pneumatic hyperbaric chambers are offered four uniquely designed models. As with all Sechrist chambers, each chamber is designed and monitored thru the entire manufacturing process for the highest safety and reliability rating of any hyperbaric oxygen chamber on the market.


2800 Hyperbaric Chamber


4100H Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 3600H Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
3300H Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 2800 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

-4100H Monoplace Hyperbaric chamber

4100H Hyperbaric Chamber 2800 Hyperbaric chamber 4100 Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber