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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric Medicine offers Major Advantages

Sechrist has been integral to the research and development of hyperbaric medicine and hyperbaric chambers since 1973. In that time, Sechrist Hyperbaric chambers have been used to assist physicians in the pursuit of lifesaving applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To help our customers, we have put together some basic information about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). For more detailed information,
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What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a clinical treatment where the patient breathes 100% oxygen intermittently while enclosed in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at a pressure greater than one atmosphere.

HBOT has been proven effective for many medical conditions, and as a result the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society, one of the premier research institutes, has approved it to treat the following indications:

  • Air or Gas Embolism
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Complicated by Cyanide Poisoning
  • Clostridal Myositis and Myonecrosis (Gas Gangrene)
  • Crush Injury, Compartment Syndrome, and other Acute Traumatic Ischemias
  • Decompression Sickness
  • Enhancement of Healing in Selected Problem Wounds
  • Severe Anemia
  • Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections
  • Refractory Osteomyelitis
  • Delayed Radiation Injury (Soft Tissue and Bony Necrosis)
  • Compromised Skin Grafts & Flaps

In addition, Medicare coverage determinations will reimburse in the U.S. for the following conditions :

  • Patient has type I or type II diabetes and has a lower extremity wound that is due to diabetes;
  • Patient has a wound classified as Wagner grade III or higher; and
  • Patient has failed an adequate course of standard wound therapy.
  • Acute Thermal Burn Injury