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Sechrist Industries Approved Chamber Cleaners document (P/N 100397 Rev 2): is the most up to date listing of cleaners which have been tested and approved to be utilized on Sechrist monoplace hyperbaric chambers. Specifically, these products have been tested and deemed safe for use on the acrylic cylinder.  These are the only cleaning agents that should be used on the Sechrist acrylic cylinders. Since information is becoming available daily, we suggest that your facility keep in contact with the manufacturer of the cleaning agent utilized to determine any new information available about the effectiveness against novel coronavirus. We also suggest that each healthcare facility should utilize the CDC website to review information for Healthcare Professionals and Resources for Healthcare Facilities.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Click here for the current list of approved chamber cleaners.

Supply Chain Notification : Sechrist Industries has reviewed if there is any potential impact to our supply chain as well as the production of our respiratory and hyperbaric products. The Sechrist Supply Chain team has been in contact with all of our suppliers and at this time there is no issue with the continuity of items from our suppliers.

Our team is continuing to monitor the situation and we are committed to continuing our supply to you, our valued customer.

Sechrist Products

Air/Oxygen Gas Blenders

The need for reliable, precise, oxygen delivery instruments has rarely been more acute than it is today. Behind every unit of Sechrist Industries’ air/oxygen gas blender stands almost five decades of industry leading innovation.

Combining advanced engineering and clean operational design means that now, the delivery of precise oxygen mixer is in the clinician’s control. Our expansive product line permits you to select the right air/oxygen gas blender for every application. Accurate to within +/- 1 percent of the selected FiO2, each of our units include compatible flow meters, water trap assemblies, and the knowledge that we subjected them to the highest, most exacting quality control regimen in the medical device industry.

Our focus remains constantly on our obligation to provide our health care partners with the tools you need to preserve and prolong the health and lives of patients needing respiratory support at the levels prescribed in each individual case.
We honor this obligation by standing behind every one of our air/oxygen gas blenders in every hospital and medical center we supply, now in more than 172 countries worldwide.
Sechrist Industries full system integration provides connection capacity to flow from our gas mixers through our active humidifiers and heated inspiratory circuits to our high-flow nasal cannulas, a system that patients suffering respiratory distress may tolerate better than using a face mask.

Accuracy, dependability, versatility, safety, and professionalism are Sechrist Industries, Inc. core values.
The accuracy of our instruments is paramount to our mission of serving the needs of the healthcare community. We understand that calculating a proper flow of mixed gas to improve a patient’s oxygen saturation requires the clinician’s full faith in the accuracy of their instruments. To this end, we manufacture or procure every part used in our devices and subject each component to the strictest quality control.
Our goal is not merely to comply with FDA regulatory requirements; we aim to exceed those standards. We established a rigid quality assurance auditing schedule to ensure we meet that mark at every point in our production process. Sechrist Industries’ trained engineers, technicians, and regulatory staff perform every task knowing that patients’ lives depend on their stringent adherence to those high standards.

We provide additional assurance of optimal equipment performance with the audible alarm/by-pass function built into every gas-mixer unit. If an unexpected interruption occurs in the gas supply, the alarm instantly triggers to alert the medical team. During the interim, the unit continues to supply gas to the patient from the remaining gas source.
The design of our air/oxygen Blenders, aka Oxygen Mixer, can meet the needs of any room configuration, whether your site requires a wall-mounted unit or a portable pole mount. For additional flexibility, extended 14-foot air hoses and oxygen hoses are available.
We believe Sechrist Industries, Inc. commitment to our healthcare partners is represented in every medical device we produce, from the Model 3500 CP-G expressly designed for ECMO and heart-lung by-pass procedures, to our Model 3600 series designed for more general applications.

Sechrist Air / Oxygen gas mixers provide for precise mixing of air and oxygen for many clinical applications. Sechrist mixers are available in high flow or low flow configurations. Mixers are available for general and specific applications.

It is well understood that if a device can be designed to perform its intended task in a straight forward and simple manner, the better it will accomplish its function. A simple design resulting in lower costs, better reliability and lower maintenance costs. Sechrist mixers are consistently less complex than competitive devices.

The precise design of Sechrist mixers provides assurance of oxygen concentration accuracy within + 1 percentage point even in circumstances involving wide variances in supply gas pressures.

Pole or wall mounting configurations, as well as dual outlet connections, are available for most models.

Sechrist mixers incorporate integral filtration of supply gases. A 0.01-micron water trap/ filter is provided for the air inlet connection and both gas supply connections are protected by 5 micron sintered stainless steel (non-corroding) filters.

In the event of a supply gas failure, an audible alarm is triggered as well as an assurance that gas from the remaining supply source will continue to be delivered.

Custom designs can be manufactured for desired specifications and applications.

  • Model 20090 Low Flow**

    Specifically designed for ECMO or Heart-Lung Bypass Applications
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  • Model 3500CP-G Low Flow

    Specifically designed for ECMO or Heart-Lung Bypass Applications
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  • Model 20457 Low Flow**

    Specifically designed for low flow general purpose applications
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  • Model 20459 Low Flow

    Specifically designed for low flow general purpose applications
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  • Model 3600 High Flow

    Precise Mixing of Air and Oxygen Accuracy*: +/- 3% Maximum Flow
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