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Model 3600 High Flow

Precise Mixing of Air and Oxygen
Accuracy*: +3%
Maximum Flow: 100 LPM
Bleed Flow: 8 – 10 LPM @ 16 LPM
FIO2 Range: .21 +0.1 to 1.0 -0.1
Gas Supply Range: 50 psi + 10 psi

Sechrist Air / Oxygen gas mixers Model 3600 provides for precise mixing of air and oxygen for many clinical applications. Models 3600 and 3601 are high flow mixers designed for high flow general applications. 3601 utilizes a wall mount configuration and 3600 provides for pole mounting.

Optional Accessories:
1600A 0 – 15 LPM flowmeter assembly
IV 308 14 foot air supply hose with DISS fittings
IV 309 14 foot oxygen supply hose with DISS fittings

*NOTE: Mixers will maintain the delivered FIO2 within + 1 percentage point of the selected value even with fluctuations in supply pressures. An additional 2% variance may result from the readability of the set point and scale error.



Model 3600 High Flow

3600: Pole Mount Config
3601: Wall Mount Config