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E-Gurney Electric Wheeled Stretcher

Sechrist Industries Innovation ……

Innovation is a key component to the success of Sechrist Industries; we are always looking for new ways to improve our products. The NEW Sechrist E-Gurney Electric Wheeled Stretcher makes things easier for patients and caregivers alike. It provides an easier way for caregivers to manage the patient on the gurney; simplifying the manual process with automated raising, lowering, and braking.

Dual Integrated Automatic Foot Pedals for effortless raising and lowering.
Steering and Stability with electronic foot pedal action.
Effortless Braking with responsive one step paddle system.
Rechargeable Battery extends run time between charges.
Electronically Actuated Columns provide synchronized raising and lowering.
Memory Height Setting Button for precise alignment with the chamber.
Unique Low-Profile Design allowing easier patient access onto the E-Gurney.
Low-Profile Design to allow for storage under chambers equipped with gurney storage feature.

E-Gurney Specifications – P/N 20582


 Description E-Gurney Electric Wheeled Stretcher
 Built-In Head Rest Angles Up to 45⁰ +/- 5⁰
 E-Gurney Overall Length/Width 91.0″ Max/33.5″ Max (231 cm/85 cm)
 Stretcher Overall Length/Width 86.0″ +/- 1″/24.0″ +/- 0.13″ (218 cm/61 cm)
 C/L Width (Between 2 Rails) 16.0″ (41 cm) +/- 0.06″
 Lowest Height (Floor to Rail Top) 18.0″ (46 cm) +/- 1.0″
 Raised Height Limit 29.0″ (74 cm) +/-1.0″ from floor to top of rail
 Power Source Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery
 Battery Capacity Rated for 5 treatments per day (20 up/down)
 User Interface Electronic Foot Pedals
 Casters Casters with electric brake and manual backup
 E-Gurney Wheeled Stretcher Weight 400 lbs. (181 kg)
 Patient Weight Limit 700 lbs. Max (318 kg)