Hyperbaric Chambers: Ventilators, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers & Medical Gas Mixer
Sechrist Products

Model 2800 Hyperbaric Chamber Classic Pneumatic Chamber

In 1999, Sechrist introduced the 2800, with advanced features, reliable performance and unmatched quality of the Sechrist 2800 emerged as the top clinical choice in the international market.

The Sechrist 2800 features best-in-class technologies that have set the standards for hyperbaric chambers, including:

  • Pneumatic operation
  • Intercom for private communication
  • Comfortable stretcher and gurney easily handled by one person
  • For operational flexibility, control panel can be located on either side of chamber
  • Redundant protection from over-pressurization
  • Durable metal chamber components
  • Non-sparking materials
  • Quick-opening door and emergency vent for fast access
  • Safety interlocks prevent opening door when pressurized
  • Grounded system
  • Low interior and exterior noise levels


    Internal Diameter:
    28 in (71 cm)

    Internal Length:
    85 in (213 cm)

    Internal Volume
    29 ft3 (.8 m3)

    External Length:
    99 in (252 cm)

    External Height:
    51 in (130 cm)

    External Width:
    39 in (99 cm)

    1200 lb (544 kg)

    Maximum Operating Pressure:
    30.0 psig (3.0 ATA, 206.9 kPa)

    Design Temperature Range
    50°-100° F (10°-38° C)

    Medical Gas Supply Pressure
    50.0-70.0 psi (344.8-482.7kPa)

    Compression/Decompression Rate
    1.0-5.0 psi/min (6.9-34.5 kPa/min)

    Purge Flow Rate
    240-400 lpm

    Emergency Vent Rate
    30.0-0.0 psi (206.9-0.0 kPa) in 60 second maximum