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Model 3300H Hyberbaric Chamber

The Sechrist 3300H hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the part of the newest product line offered within Sechrist Industries hyperbaric products division. Using Sechrist ‘s state of the art manufacturing facility the 3300H incorporates all processes that make Sechrist hyperbaric chambers the highest quality chamber in the world. The 3300H hyperbaric chamber can accommodate patients weighing 500lbs.

All Sechrist hyperbaric chambers follow a stringent production process from the beginning of design to the final completed testing and inspection. Every 3300H hyperbaric chamber is fully inspected and all safety processes are monitored and maintained throughout the lengthy manufacturing process. Each and every Sechrist hyperbaric oxygen chamber is manufactured in the USA within the Sechrist state of the art production and manufacturing facility. Sechrist chambers are designed and tested to provide the most complete and safest chamber on the world market.

The 3300H hyperbaric oxygen chamber provides two emergency vent modes to accommodate for various situations. The 3300H hyperbaric chamber includes an Emergency Shut-off and Automatic Vent System for full decompression within 119 seconds without the need of an attendant as well as the Standard Emergency Vent system which can decompress with the standard 119 seconds, and can be controlled by a technician, thus allowing for a controlled descent to optimize patient comfort.



Internal Diameter: 32.5 in (83cm)

Internal Length: 90 in (229cm)

External Length: 106 in (269 cm)

External Height: 59 in (150cm)

External Width: 44.5 in (113 cm)

Chamber Weight: 2,030 lbs (923 kg)

Supported Patient Weight: 500 lbs standard (227 kg)

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