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Sechrist Industries Approved Chamber Cleaners document (P/N 100397 Rev 2): is the most up to date listing of cleaners which have been tested and approved to be utilized on Sechrist monoplace hyperbaric chambers. Specifically, these products have been tested and deemed safe for use on the acrylic cylinder.  These are the only cleaning agents that should be used on the Sechrist acrylic cylinders. Since information is becoming available daily, we suggest that your facility keep in contact with the manufacturer of the cleaning agent utilized to determine any new information available about the effectiveness against novel coronavirus. We also suggest that each healthcare facility should utilize the CDC website to review information for Healthcare Professionals and Resources for Healthcare Facilities.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Click here for the current list of approved chamber cleaners.

Supply Chain Notification : Sechrist Industries has reviewed if there is any potential impact to our supply chain as well as the production of our respiratory and hyperbaric products. The Sechrist Supply Chain team has been in contact with all of our suppliers and at this time there is no issue with the continuity of items from our suppliers.

Our team is continuing to monitor the situation and we are committed to continuing our supply to you, our valued customer.

Sechrist Products

Model 4100H Hyperbaric Chamber

The Sechrist Model 4100 hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the largest and most advanced hyperbaric monoplace chamber on the market. Recently being added to our flagship H Model product line, the 4100H has a 41” interior with extended room allowing patients to recline and rest, thus making the experience more comfortable and anxiety free.

As with all of our H-Series models, the 4100H comes equipped with a fully integrated entertainment system. The expanded size allows for comfortable treatment of patients up to 700 lbs.
The specialized hyperbaric chamber gurney allows for direct patient transport and slides easily into the chamber without additional transfers.

Sechrist chambers are designed and tested to provide the most complete safety specific monoplace hyperbaric chamber on the market. All Sechrist hyperbaric chambers go through a thorough inspection and safety process that is monitored and maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Sechrist hyperbaric oxygen chambers are the only monoplace hyperbaric chambers that are fully manufactured and tested in the USA in our state-of-the-art facility.

The Model 4100 hyperbaric oxygen chamber provides two emergency vent modes to accommodate for various situations. The Standard Emergency Vent system decompresses with 119 seconds, and can be controlled by a technician to allow control of the descent and to optimize for patient comfort. The Model 4100 hyperbaric chamber also includes an Emergency Shut-off and Automatic Vent System for full decompression within 119 seconds without the need of an attendant.


Internal Diameter:
41 in (104cm)
Internal Length:
88 in (224cm)
External Length:
106 in (269 cm)
External Height:
69.75 in (177cm)
External Width:
46.75 in (119 cm)
Chamber Weight:
3,500 lbs (1591 kg)
Supported Patient Weight:
700 Ibs standard (318 kg)

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